With the new brief for this term we looking at Kaitiakitanga, meaning guardianship.

Working in groups of two, you will work through a series 
 of exercises to identify small actions that we do in everyday life which can have a big impact – either negatively or positively. The impact could be an environmental, social or ethical one.

222.257 Kaitiakitanga 2015

So I am partnered with gineve(ask how to spell) and we have decided to do transport looking at the use of the car and the impact it makes. Reasoning for picking to do this is with both of us being VCD it would be easier to focus on a issue that is accessible to us, documentable and is the most used vehicle on the planet and drives major industry around the world by it’s use.

So even though we had decided on Cars impact I decided to do a brainstorm on other divisions of issues that came up existing under consumption, entertainment, environment and wildlife as often the category issues exist under is not solely fit into 1 category.
Looking at Brainstorm on Kaitkitanga relation to cars looking at cars to type, consumption/fuel, how big is the industry cars support currently, function and the recycling of cars.

The current plan at the moment with doing cars as topic is looking at carbon footprint basically, thinking along efficient fuel and how you could talk on how it is payed off by industry so it cannot threaten their profit. So Thinking video structure will follow:

  1. Introduce the car, origin, stats, usage and then finishing introducing problem we are discussing/identifying with car.
  2. whats the problem, why its a problem, how the car fits into the problem.
  3. Why we are still using it? Obvious solutions we ignore for convenience, what does it take to bring about change?
  4. Conclusion and our solution into how carbon footprints can be reduced, or how efficent vehicles can still exist without threatening the industry its built on.

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