Video techniques and info

  • can hire equipment from the toy store in Massey, located next to the pitt.
  • or D.R.Patel
  • can hire a go pro
  • How to shoot on a iPhone
  • always shoot landscape mode
  • get the auto focus sorted first
  • airplane mode to extend the life for footage
  • can build mount for iPhone just use cardboard and rubber bands
  • can use apps like fiLMic Pro to enhance the capabilities of smartphone
  • Audio tips
  • listen over footage to check out how it picks up audio before filming
  • use 2 iPhones/smartphones with one for video and one to pick up audio
  • use clapboard to give visual or audio que to help sync audio and visual data
  • Shooting quality
  • bigger is better
  • 1080 vs 720p
  • use same resolution
  • can go down but not up in resolution
  • techniques
  • shoot before and after what your trying to capture to make sure capture everything and then edit
  • b roll and cutaways (where you could have location and then someone talking in location to allow you to switch between
  • time lapse (footage over time demonstrated)
  • tracking/ panning shot (use skateboard, tripod)
  • Pulling focus. Subject matter changes, background to foreground
  • Dexter how even though filming is important look at having still composition have elements of Fundamental Design Principles considered


iPhone tripod mount template


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