Work Weekend

So basically what is needed for next week is a Storyboard construction, and some more research into topics. With Genevieve and me this will mean looking at locations we can document biking vs car routes in wellington popularly travelled and similar.

  • With dividing the work Genevieve said that she could look into the possibility of some infographic design to help with data we can gather, camera shots and experimentation with camera aside from smartphone and of course storyboard since we will come with good potential designs.
  • I will look at:
  • storyboards as well
  • stats (where most people work within Wellington, biker routes online, average stats for men or women in biking per time and distance to energy consumed, calories burned, cars stats to fuel, distance averagely traveled for work in the city.)
  • locations
  • key terms

With what were doing one of the things that came up in discussion was is this Wellington we look at or New Zealand. Right now I think were considering Wellington as a representation for the rest of New Zealand e.g. if we consider the population that bikes to work in wellington as a representation of the rest of Nz then Wellingtons population to NZ population we have so many bikers to workers per population. If we boosted this even in a one day effort by a 30% increase in bikers we would send out this much less of a carbon footprint.


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