Great examples of video techniques

So there are lots of different types of videos that show great attention to the fundamental design principles and the techniques of filming to switch between different contexts and  information. One of the examples that really interested me was the way in which tv and film introduced their actors and credits in some case in a title sequence.

Good examples that I have seen are:

Saul Bass Its a Mad Mad Mad Mad World. This is a popular example as it demonstrates difference between periods of time with title sequence and the potential to have a quirky narrative to information.

Another great example in a animated context is catch me if you can, where the title sequence helps preview the story and engage audience by the nature of the chase.

Another good example is the recent film big hero 6 where it is pre dominantly flat images with some small effect going on.

A Example they showed in class that was really good was Dexter in the way they turned everyday morning ritual into something more savage almost to resemble the nature of dexter as a killer.

Other Good title sequences that have made use of shots to communicate show like true blood and the walking dead.

With true blood we begin to see it as more a portrayal of vampires as hunters, bringers of death highly unaccepted and seductive.

In the walking dead we get more a sense of time is running out, everyone is gone, survival.


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