Carbon Footprint

Basically what I decided to do here is look into how Carbon footprint is represented as an issue by videos preset on youtube and how on sites like behance people propose solutions.

In youtube there were a lot of different approaches to showing the problem with Carbon footprint.

  • In The video below it cleverly communicates how this is not a individual problem but something that affects us all, it does this by switching between peoples everyday activity and them leaving these oil, slimy footprints behind them. Really good relation behind the music to message and the filming techniques used.


  • In this video there is explanation by hand introducing flat images to a voiceover to help communicate message.
  • This video uses a speaker familiar with the field and switches between close up and full body, music when changing topic and text, as well as one animation to help communicate point being made.


  • This video below is good at non-verbally communicating a message on the contributors to the CO2 emission that make up greenhouse gas and carbon footprint.


  • This video here looks at the basic use of flat imagery to support information.


  • This Video here uses filming to communicate successful ways to help with reducing carbon footprint.


  • This video is really good at telling a narrative using visuals instead of audio by using elements to communicate a narrative and portraying solutions to carbon footprint by character being the green ninja.


  • This is video that uses audio to help narrate the story with animation to help. Is done by a kids show.


  • This is a video that uses filming and time lapse on a can to demonstrate the contrast and benefit of recycling by looking at how it decomposes over time.


  • This video is done using a person to help narrate a story, with animation as well, editing flat images to collages and some panning. Lots of information covered as well as solutions.


  • This video cleverly uses animation to enhance message on carbon footprint and smoothly transfers between information on the way it affects us all.
  • These 2 videos below both talk on how the EU emmision trading scheme work to try and control nations emissions.



  • This video is really good at looking at how nations are trying to fix carbon emission by Cap and trade. It goes to deconstruct it and show how it is not a successful solution to industry and nation and uses narrater and animation to show point.

Another video they did also looked at the bottle industry as a wasteful industry and a big contributor to carbon problem.

The creators or company is called the story of stuff, and have looked into deconstructing how we view different things like current problems and proposing solutions to change. These are all the videos I could find below as I believe they are a good example to take not of.


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