These are some of the scripts I started to write up to then help build visuals to and narrate the story. This meant that the way I considered these ideas were dominated a bit more by audio than shots and images in narration to help me relate to it. With bringing these scripts into a storyboard hopefully it will embody a range of techniques.

Script 1

“So, here we are. Just one of your every day. You wake up, have breakfast, Brush your teeth, get changed and head out the door. You go to work, leave work, return home, have tea, relax potentially and go to bed. Lets go back and look at the getting to and from work. Do you realise when your taking a car to work or just as everyday transport you are contributing to global issue. It’s called global warming and your impact to it is referred to as your carbon footprint.” [So why should I care?]”Well simply put the increase in carbon emission by individuals and as a species will affect the weather by increases in temperature, causing instability in our planets weather cycle bringing us into another ice age.”[That’s horrible, when did it start?] “Well it’s been constantly happening but our carbon footprint has increased so much in such a short time after the industrial revolution by the increase in production ,transportation, consumerism and ineffective use of resources. If we were to successfully lower the amount of cars on the street even for one day we would effectively reduce our carbon emissions by _______ much. In our next video we will look at the difference in benefits of our modern transport vs the bike in getting about.

Script 2

A Massey University Student production.

“So lets get started I would like to ask who are you? You could give me your name, a category you feels justify you, a location you were raised in, your age, your opinion and so on. All of this is important and while this is all important, 1 big thing that defines us are our choices. The crossroad of possible futures that shape you. Let me introduce you to another person I know. This is Jim, Jim is the representation of the average person. Jim represents a community and he can go to be a representative of a town, city, nation or sometimes even the world. So when Jim represent an area he can be talking about the average height, weight, age, gender, distance travelled, food eaten, purchased luxuries, life expectancy and etc. In this case Jim is here to represent Wellington in it’s emitted emissions to carbon footprint in transportation. Like most of you Jim uses a car, on average he will travel _____km in a _____, travel ____km for the average drive out of the house, make _____trips a week?, he’ll usually be the only one driving his car and emit ___% of waste emissions by not having a properly warmed engine. So whats the problem here? Jim as the representation of an individual waste is not that high, but when he represents a nation it becomes a problem. Lets introduce you to what Jim could look like if you successfully eliminated those wasted trips and even took energy efficient transport like a bike one day a week on trips within ___km. Jim is looking a lot better now and he’s even changed the average representation of weight, stress and life expectancy of  the average individual. If we set ourselves as a nation to achieve Jim’s new standards, we would not only become wealthier, fitter, happier, cleaner nation. We would stand as effective world representative of the issue and stand to gain profit by the Eu emission trade.

Script 3

A Video Introducing Global Warming:

Global Warming is a principal based on the emission of greenhouse gases being Co2 and others that go up into our atmosphere and block up our ozone layer. This causes sunlight to enter but become trapped for longer periods of time causing increased temperature and thereby changes in the weather behaviour. The example most commonly demonstrated is the melting of the ice caps and changes in our temperature recordings more so than in previous years. How do we stop it? There are multiple solutions, theres using less waste energy, being more efficient with recycling material used in all industries, planting a tree which helps decrease Co2, and perhaps most important make changes to the transportation industry. Transport is the most problematic, it affects a majority of the world with 1/3? of the population owning their own vehicle, it then becomes a major problem that transport is used ineffectively with 1? averagely in a vehicle, by estimation of all drives being 6km? away 34%? of the time. Not only is the problem solvable, its capable of being done today. Electricity is not your first energy efficient vehicle with other solutions being created and absorbed by corporations that benefit from the current vehicle standard. After all the vehicles industry is built on production, distribution and fuel consumption to many industries, small corporations to availability of jobs to millions. So if you can’t use that vehicle why not another? You’ve got public transport that puts less people on the roads, biking, walking or running that starts giving you additional benefits to your health. In our next video we will look at relative difference in experience for different methods of transportation in relation to private, public and physical.


With all 3 of these scripts they have different approaches to the issue, with script 1 being more focused on the everyday in contrast told by visuals. In script 2 it’s more focused on the creation of a character to embody stats and create more interest. In script 3 it’s more of your educational video.

A consideration to all 3 is the including of popular scene in film&media to each form of transport to make watcher invest more into figuring out if they’ve seen it before.


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