Class 3 Week2

So because of Anzac only had 1 class. We had a really interesting lecture on the different techniques used in narrating within film and where they have effectively been used and where there has been a habit of the same old. 257 Kaitiakitanga intro editing small-2 .This included b roll, cuts, fades, cuts in relation to audio pauses, pans, zoom out on stills and so on.

Then went to class and Genevieve and I considered the shots we could use and how we wanted the video to go. These are some of the shooting elements we can use to create more interest in the narration.

  • Bike
  • handle bars
  • handle bars gear change
  • wheel
  • gears
  • pedals
  • pause in bike coming to a stop
  • time lapse of public library bike stand
  • Car
  • key turning
  • entering
  • gears if manual or if automatic even showing reverse
  • accelerator and brakes
  • steering wheel
  • engine
  • exhaust
  • wipers
  • trunk of the car
  • stop
  • shot from windscreen
  • looking in mirror getting shot of traffic behind person
  • shot of scenery as driving out window
  • lights of car (if wanted to communicate night shots)
  • time lapse traffic
  • wheels of car moving
  • intersection
  • traffic lights red to green
  • b roll of driver changing hand? position as driving
  • Public transport
  • holding railing or straps
  • door opening
  • sitting down in bus
  • maybe b-roll of people getting off
  • ticket purchase
  • looking out window. Scenery change
  • stops on display
  • scenery change night to day
  • other
  • birds to communicate nature and green
  • sun being tracked to symbolise time
  • waterfront walkway
  • bridge transport

Then got some feedback from Tim, who liked the idea of approaching it not just from take bikes instead of car angle but going to say about not having to abandon car completely but making more effective use of trips so not producing more waste emissions. Also went to say that we need to consider our target audience as they will have different motivations that drive them. Then after Tim went I made a new storyboard that worked off ideas off past scripts to consider more of a visual narrative to music where audio comes in the end delivering message.




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