Storyboard of Script 1

At the time of making this I only had script 1 written up so I tried to make a basic storyboard to the script, I’ve got the images in the order I was imaging the plan taking, it would have been presented in a video but had some problems in after effect.

ds24 ds-28 ds-27 ds-26 ds-25ds16 ds17 ds18 ds19 ds20 ds21 ds22 ds23 ds24ds23 ds22 ds21 ds20 ds19 ds18 ds17 ds16 ds15 ds14 ds13 ds12 ds11 ds10 ds9 ds8 ds7 ds6 ds5 ds4 ds3 ds2 ds1

A reminder in case you forgot or haven’t read the content of script 1.

Script 1

“So, here we are. Just one of your every day. You wake up, have breakfast, Brush your teeth, get changed and head out the door. You go to work, leave work, return home, have tea, relax potentially and go to bed. Lets go back and look at the getting to and from work. Do you realise when your taking a car to work or just as everyday transport you are contributing to global issue. It’s called global warming and your impact to it is referred to as your carbon footprint.” [So why should I care?]”Well simply put the increase in carbon emission by individuals and as a species will affect the weather by increases in temperature, causing instability in our planets weather cycle bringing us into another ice age.”[That’s horrible, when did it start?] “Well it’s been constantly¬†happening but our carbon footprint has increased so much in such a short time after the industrial revolution by the increase in production ,transportation, consumerism and ineffective use of resources. If we were to successfully lower the amount of cars on the street even for one day we would effectively reduce our carbon emissions by _______ much. In our next video we will look at the difference in benefits of our modern transport vs the bike in getting about.


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